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Debia de darles verguenza

"Lamento profundamente haber nacido Español"

October 5th., 2007



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Batasuna leader says PSOE is out for revenge against the nationalist Left

“The PSOE [Spanish Socialist Party] is looking for revenge and wants to punish the Basque nationalist Left for the position they adopted in the [recently failed] negotiations,” charged Pernando Barrena in response to Thursday night’s police operation against members of the leadership of the Basque political party Batasuna, in which 23 people have been arrested.

05/10/2007 20:50:00

DONOSTIA-. “It is perfectly clear to us that yesterday’s police operation was a political crackdown with the complicity of the Public Prosecutor’s office targeting the Basque pro-independence movement, in order to punish the movement and take revenge because the nationalist Left stuck to its guns in the negotiations and wouldn’t give in to the conditions the PSOE had tried to force on it,” explained Pernando Barrena, a prominent member of Batasuna’s collective leadership, outside Martutene prison where several of his arrested colleagues are now being held.

Mr Barrena was in the company of Bairbre de Brun and Pat Rice, politicians belonging to the Irish Sinn Féin party who had come to Martutene to visit Arnaldo Otegi, Batasuna’s chief spokesperson, who is also now in prison.

Sharing his thoughts about Thursday’s operation, Mr Barrena expressed indignation at the way in which the arrests had been carried out, violating the right of assembly, and at night-time. He pointed out that when the leaders now arrested were previously summoned by the Spanish court to declare they had presented themselves of their own free will and in an orderly fashion.

In Thursday night’s flash raid, hooded Spanish police officers positioned themselves in the street in the small Gipuzkoan town where the Batasuna leadership were holding a meeting, and forced them into police vehicles as they were leaving the premises. In Mr Barrena’s mind there can be only one explanation: “The judge himself aims to provoke and foster public alarm, which only actually exists in his own mind.”

But he added that only a few months away from upcoming elections, the ruling Spanish party, PSOE, “needs to make a show to the Spanish of its capacity to be even more ruthless than the PP [the right-wing opposition party] when it wants to, when striking against the Basque pro-independence camp.”

Pernando Barrena was insistent that the Basque nationalist Left is strongly committed to seeking “a solution and a peace deal” as a way out of the present political conflict, and had the following message for the Madrid government: “The PSOE government has no quarrel with the 23 people it has just arrested, or even with the whole movement of the nationalist Left. Their quarrel is with a people that wish to be their own masters. Their quarrel is with Euskal Herria.”

Finally, Mr Barrena called on Basques to reject these arrests and take part in protests to denounce them, and to let the PSOE know “that they have gone too far and that there is no room for such behaviour in the present political scenario;

and tell them that what the Basque Country needs is a political settlement that will lead to peace and respect for all people’s rights”.