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basque_md_clr.gif (8910 bytes)Next Monthly Meeting

June's monthly meeting due to Father's Day will be

postponed to June 29, 2008

Meeting for officers: 11AM

Meeting for Membership: 12 PM

Happy Father's Day !!

*We the officers urge the membership to participate in the meetings for a better

understanding of your interests.


MEMBERS, Check this out!!!

We need to get a response to this letter from any member

who wishes to continue

receiving our club's notices via a letter.

To be more economical, efficient and timely, we will

in the future communicate with

our membership through e-mail only.

If you want continue receiving news by letter

you must tell us so by writing to:

Itziar Albisu President of EuskoEtxea of NY

235 Woodland Road

New Milford,NJ 07646


If you haven't been receiving e-mail from us and

want to in the future,

send me your name and e-mail address to

[email protected]

This week alone we had visitors from:


Aranjuez,Madrid-Northhampton, England-Miami,Florida-Paris,France,


Nuevo Leon,Mexico-Andalucia,Malaga

Maryland,USA-Among others.

Agur bero bat!!

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Datozen ekitaldiak / Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Recent Photos / Azken argazkiak

Recent Videos

IMPORTANT INFORMATION discussed in Meetings

basque_md_clr.gif (8910 bytes)Membership:

Communication with a our membership and anyone else who needs to get in touch with us, needs to be updated.

The need to update our membership’s address, phone #, e-mails etc.was discussed. A letter will be sent to all members requiring them to request if they want to be informed by snail mail in the future. We are trying to establish e-mail as our main way to communicate with our membership. It is faster, cheaper, and along with our website it will be a way to communicate with our membership with immediacy of any news, or happenings as they are taking place.

Because a motion was bought up to allow spouses of Basque members to become full voting members,

Zakary informed us, that a resolution of non basque spouses becoming voting members was already passed and in effect.

Calendar of Events

The application for membership of 5 persons was read for the first time

New Topics: Guillermo Zubiaga proposed the possibility of reinstating dancing lessons

For children. Also the learning of euskara through playing and songs was proposed.

Inaki suggested the need to organize the storage room, and Itziar urged the cleaning of

the library and coat’s room for a new media and learning center project.

Julen made a motion that when we need to make purchases or make expenses of less

than $3,000.00, such expense can be made by the unanimous decision of the officers without

consulting the general membership.The motion was passed.

Because it is an ongoing communication problem that anyone that calls our club has no

timely response...........

Julen made a motion for the purchase on a new phone and have the calls forwarded to him.

The motion was passed.

There's new enthusiasm in the Club about our future.

We have a lot of new plans, ideas, and people that

are willing to make sure that the future is brighter

for the culture of our Basque children. Important that

you attend.

There are a lot controversial issues being discussed on our website blog.

Motions can be brought up and voted upon that can decide some of theses issues.

See You there!

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