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If you want to be included on our mailing list please tell me so at [email protected]

Si quiere ser incluido en nuestra lista de correo electronico, dejeme saber [email protected] Bilbainada

Upcoming Events


JUNE 29th, 2008

Doors will open @ 7:00 PM

Dinner will serve @ 7:30 PM

Make reservations at: [email protected]

Or 201-261-1691

Kaixo lagun danori:

I am sending you an advance notice of a bus tour we are preparing for Saturday afternoon June 7,starting about 2PM to see the great stained-glass works of the Basque artist from Deba Gipuzkoa, who "embellished light", Simon Berasaluce. We have been granted permission by the Archdiocese of Newark to visit several churches in New Jersey where the stained-glass works exist. We might even be able to include the Hiemer Studios where Berasaluce created his art during a period of 20 year and even cap the event with dinner at Casa Vasca. The tour guide, John Gomez, is the author of an article on Berasaluce that appeared in the Jersey Chronicle. More details will be sent to you.

I am notifying you in advance because the bus is limited to 30 people and many of you have already expressed an interest in the tour. Please keep the date on your calendar and let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend and how many reservations you would need.

Agur bero bat,

Emilia Doyaga 

ATTENTION !! everybody ;

During the month of June Euskal Etxea of New York will participate

in the Puerto Rican parade as Basques and members of Euskal Etxea of New York. We are doing this as tribute to Dr. Jesus de Galindez, member of the basque club

and first delegate in New York of the Basque Goverment in exile and founder of the Puerto Rican Parade.

We will keep you informed as date arrives.


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